The Itzulia Basque Challenge is born, a World Tour level bicycle touring event

Nace la Itzulia Basque Challenge, la prueba cicloturista de nivel World Tour

The Itzulia is set to have its own bicycle touring event, called the Itzulia Basque Challenge. It will be held on 9 April, the day after the end of the professional event.

After a lot of work, the Itzulia is now set to have its own bicycle tour in 2023. The Itzulia Basque Challenge will be for all those who wish to replicate the experience of the Itzulia professional event as closely as possible. The first edition of the race will be held on 9 April 2023, the day after the professional event. 

Demanding routes, World Tour infrastructure, access to VIP areas during the professional race and many other services and surprises will be gradually revealed. The aim is to show off the Basque Country to the world via the Itzulia brand. Whereby cycling enthusiasts can enjoy a unique experience. 

Basque Challenge

The race is the brainchild of Basque Challenge, a company that aims to promote the territory and cycling via two major recognised brands, the Itzulia Basque Country and the Clásica San Sebastián. In addition to the organisation of the cycle touring event, there will also be organised group rides for the last kilometres of each stage with ex-professional cyclists. A product aimed at groups, companies or gruppettos that wish to enjoy the Itzulia by bike, and enjoy the finish from the VIP area. For the rest of the year, they organise cycling packs and trips around the Basque Country with former professional cyclists.

The website is now live and more details about the route, registration, services included and much more will be available in the coming weeks. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive all the news via email.

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