Presentation of the second edition of the Itzulia Basque Challenge

segunda edición de la Itzulia Basque Challenge
  • Two routes from the first edition are to be maintained, the same as the 6th stage of the Itzulia 2024.
  • This year’s race has exceeded all expectations in terms of registration.
  • The Itzulia Basque Challenge is establishing itself on the cycling calendar.

20 March 2024. The second edition of the Itzulia bicycle touring event, the Itzulia Basque Challenge, was today presented in Eibar. The city known for manufacturing armaments will once again welcome the last, and probably most decisive stage of the Itzulia, and will again host the Itzulia Basque Challenge. The final stage of the Itzulia is set to run on Saturday 6 April, and cycling fans will get a chance to experience the route for themselves on Sunday 7 April.

For this second edition, the tour will follow the same official route as last year. 7 mountain passes, 137.8 km and more than 3,600 m of positive altitude. For those seeking something a little easier, the organisers offer a Medio Fondo or Medium-distance route over 80.6 km, 4 mountain passes and over 2,100 m of elevation gain.

The presentation event was attended by the Mayor of Eibar Jon Iraola, the Gipuzkoa Provincial Councillor for Mobility, Tourism and Territorial Planning, Azahara Domínguez, and the director of the Itzulia Basque Challenge, Javier Riaño.

The mayor of Eibar, Jon Iraola, pointed out that “Cycling is, without doubt, one of our foundations. A sport we feel most deeply rooted in, part of our DNA. He thanked the race organisers for their commitment to Eibar”. Also, “it is a privilege for Eibar to host the final and most beautiful and decisive stage of the Itzulia. Eibar City Council maintains its support and commitment to bringing such an important race on the cycling calendar to our city”.

Azahara Domínguez commented, “As Councillor for Mobility, Tourism and Territorial Planning, I am delighted that this type of event is taking place in our territory, as it fits perfectly with our tourism strategy. Firstly because it is an off-season activity. Secondly, because it takes place outside the capital, providing an opportunity to promote other areas with less tourism and thereby more evenly distribute the income generated from tourist activity throughout the regions. And finally, because such events match the profile of the tourists we would like to attract, i.e. those who respect the destination and are interested in discovering not just our landscapes but also learning about our history and understanding our traditions and our culture”.

Lastly, Javier Riaño, director of the bicycle touring event stated “It was vital that we did well in our first year, to offer quality to all those who signed up and placed their trust in us. Our event aims to do just that, to offer quality and to provide an experience close to that of the professionals”. Adding that, “institutional and brand support and trust are essential to achieving such a premium experience and boosting tourism in the region”.

The organisers will invest more resources in route safety for both races to further enhance the riders’ experience. In addition, an additional refreshment point will be provided along the route, just before the very tough ascent to Krabelin (Arrate).

Registration will remain open until the registration deadline.

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